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How is America Fed?

How is America Fed?
How is America Fed?

Think about your favorite food. Let’s pretend it’s nachos.

Now think about everything you love about that food. The crunch of the corn chip, the subtle heat from the melted cheese, the kick from the jalapeños.

Now think about how that food came to be on your plate. If you picked a vegetable, your next step is easy – think about the farmer. But what about the corn chip? You may know there’s corn in it, but how? How does the corn grown in the field get into this thin little chip? Farmers can’t be the sole people behind food, can they?

If you continue to contemplate, you might start asking yourself questions like, “How does food actually end up on our plate or on our grocers’ shelves? What happens after the farmer? How is America actually being fed, and how is it happening?” If you’re asking yourself those questions, you’re in the right place.

Road to the Plate is a blog set out to discover just how revolutionized our food supply chain is and uncover the hard work, dedication and innovation of those people and places that make our food one of the world’s most accessible.

From truck drivers to mill operators to tire shop operators to fuel delivery personnel, there are a massive amount of people who play a factor in feeding America.

Come with us as we take an inside look at the Road to the Plate.

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